Wednesday Swindle - 2019 / 2020


In view of this evenings announcement by the PM there will be no a swindle until further notice. Hopefully these severe restrictions will have the desired effect and we can get back to the game we love as soon as possible.

Stay safe.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Tees booked - 8:32 on Gainsborough. It has been decided that the swindle is to return next Wednesday in a slightly revised format. Players are to meet on the putting green. Malcolm will be on hand to sign people in. It has decided that there will be no exchange of money, instead Malcolm will keep a record of who plays. The cost will be £1.00 each time you play. When we get back to normal , you will be  expected to pay what you owe and this will passed to Terry Mitchell for his chosen charity. For those of you that need an update of your swindle handicap, Malcolm can be contacted via the members app on HowDidiDo . Please remember to read the club guidelines on play so that we can get through this together.

Monday 16th March 2029

Another Monday Wednesday Swindle because of the 4BBB on the 18th. Meet @ 8:10 / 1st Tee 8:32 on Constable. Not an official Swindle.

Monday 9th March 2020

Due to the Seniors team trials on Monday and the stableford on Wednesday, there will be no official swindle next week, however, there are some tee times booked at 8.32 on the constable on Monday for anyone that wants them.

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Today’s swindle was played by 22 people on a much improved constable course, with a couple of temps and the occasional bunker full of water.
Despite this there were some very good scores in.
First after much deliberation and no less than 3 countbacks with 41 points was a new swindler Ian Archer, second and also with 41 points was Ray Ludlam and third with 40 points was Mike Moore.
We had 5 nearest the pins, prizes went to : 
5th Mike Moore
8th Lionel Hatch
11th & 13th Dave Austin and 16th Gordon Bryan

Monday 24th February 2020

6 hardy souls turned up for this weeks Swindle. After taking a quick look,at the course they all agreed that ‘this was not suitable conditions to play any decent golf, let’s have a cup of coffee and go home’.

Please note earlier time.

Monday 17th February 2020

Today’s swindlers amounted to nine people, this was despite everything Storm Dennis could throw at us. 3 nearest the pins today, 7th and 17th went to Dick Lumsden and 18th to Norman Davidson.
Today’s winners were:
1st place with 36 was Norman Davidson, 2nd place with 35 on countback was Tony Carman and third also with 35 was Roger Davies. The funniest thing was Roger not getting any prize money but a 1 shot cut for coming third.

Monday 10th February 2020

After the weekend storms, we still had a reasonable turnout of eight golfers.
We fought through the debris on the Gainsborough fairways and ended up with some reasonable scores.
1st place went to Tony Carman with 36 points, second with 35 was Dick Lumsden and third with 34 was Malcolm Norton.
Due to the last minute change of courses - no nearest the pins.

Wednesday 5th February 2020

On a beautiful February morning, 25 people turned out to play the recently manicured Gainsborough course.
Today’s winners were:
1st place with 41 points was Peter Jay.
2nd on countback also with 41 was David Drew and the ever popular Roger Davies in third with 40 points.
Nearest the pins were:
3rd Malcolm Norton 
7th Terry Mitchell 
9th Roger Fleuty
17th David Drew 
18th Peter Jay.

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Well, what an exceptional turnout today, no fewer than 24, must be a record.
The increase in the nearest the pin prize fund obviously not putting people off.
Today’s nearest the pin winners were:
7th ( after a bit of controversy) Terry Mitchell.
9th Collin Broadhurst and 17th in two was Alan Smith.
Today’s swindle winners were:
1st: Tony Denmead with 39 points
2nd: Terry Mitchell on countback and also with 39 points
3rd: Norman Davidson with 38

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Today’s swindle was again very well supported with 15 players. The start was delayed due to fog, we switched courses at the last minute as there were fewer temporary greens.
Today’s nearest the pin winners were: 8th and 18th was Collin Broadhurst and nearest in two on 17th was Tony Denmead.
Today’s winners were:
     1st      Malcolm Norton            42 points
     2nd     Robert Ogles                41 points
     3rd      Collin Broadhurst         38 points
It has been decided that the nearest pin entry money will now be increased to £1.00.

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Due to the excessive overnight rain, there was no swindle today although three “hardy” souls turned up.

Monday 6th January 2020

Today’s swindle was played on a very mild Monday morning, this probably accounted for the excellent turnout of 18 people. The highlight / lowlight of the day being that all 18 players failed to hit the green on the 9th which meant the NP winnings were shared between Richard Middleton who was nearest on the 3rd and Peter Garnett , nearest in 2 on the the 17th.
Today’s winners were:
Tony Denmead with 40, Richard Middleton with 39 and Peter Garnett on countback with 38.

Monday 30th December 2019

An unofficial Swindle was held as Swindle supremo Malcolm Norton was unable to attend with the ‘official white box’. We quickly found a pack of miniature cards from a Xmas cracker and held the draw for the 14 of us who had turned up. Despite the foggy start the day eventually turned into a beautiful sunny day despite being on the chilly side.

With all bunkers being GUR and relief to be taken wherever, some of the members were uncertain of the days rules, but despite David Drew playing with his swindle handicap (17 against club h/cap of 19 and everyone else playing with club h/cap) he still came in with a very impressive 42 points to take the money from Bob Filer with 41 points and Tony Denmead with 40 points on count back from Rod Harman. As it was deemed to be an unofficial Swindle, David got away with a 4 shot cut, but having played alongside David several times recently this was a score waiting to happen.

Monday 23rd December 2019

Today there were 15 hardy souls playing the extremely wet Gainsborough course, there were a few temporary greens but the weather was very mild and more like spring.
Today’s winners were Roger Davies with 43, on countback and also with 43 was Dave Seymour and third also on countback with 42 was David Drew.
As is customary in the festive season, there were 6 players with more than 40 points so and extra shot cut where applicable.

Wednesday 18th December 2019

15 members fought their way through fog and icy conditions to play Gainsborough, suffering from the considerable amounts of rain over the past few weeks. Will it ever stop raining and give the courses a chance to dry out? A credit to the greenkeepers that only 3 greens were temporary. Success today to Dick Lumsden with 43 points off his 23 handicap, 2nd place to Bob Filer, 41 points, 3rd place to Norman Davidson, 39 points on c/b from Malcolm Norton.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

Today we had glorious weather for December, the downside being there were lots of temporary greens so no cuts this week. 16 players - 1st place with 38 on c/b was Collin Broadhurst, 2nd also with 38 was David Drew and 3rd with 37 was Norman Davidson. Nearest the pin on the 8th went to Eric Fisher who kindly donated his winnings to Captains charity and nearest in two on 16 was Norman Davidson.

Monday 2nd December 2019

9 players on a day which stared extremely frosty but finished nice and bright. Mainly temp greens. Congrats today to Roger Davies with 37 poinjts ahead of Bill Wardle with 35 points on countback from Neil Farmer, Malcolm Norton and Dick Lumsden

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Unfortunately the considerable overnight rain won the day and no Swindle was held. Let's hope for kinder weather next week.

Monday 18th November 2019

Excellent turnout today with 17 people playing the rather wet Constable course, weather was good and so was some of the golf.
First place went to Steve Tree on countback with 39 points, second also with 39 was Peter Hele and third also on countback with 35 was Norman Davidson with 35 points.
Nearest the pin on the 8th went to Peter Hele and Nearest in two on 16th went to Tony Denmead.
Tony was unavailable to collect his winnings so everyone thought it only fair to donate it to Captains charity.
New ruling —
No show — no winnings.

A very laid back Bob Filer !!!

Wednesday 13th November 2019
Lovely sunny day with some good scores. A nearest the pin was trialled on the 3rd Gainsborough which Tony Denmead won, he also won the swindle with 42 points - a 3 shot cut next time out. Second on countback with 39 points was Dick Lumsden from Collin Broadhurst, in 3rd place.

Wednesday 6th November 2019

12 players in the first Swindle of the new SbN Seniors Golf year and an excellent start by Bill Wardle, victorious with 36 points. Richard Middleton second with 33 points and our new Captain, Terry Mitchell coming in third with 32 points. Well done to each of you.